Top 5 Most Popular College Mascots

University of Alabama football game

College football games have become synonymous with American culture over the decades.

We paint our faces, we wake up early for tailgates with our friends and we take rivalries seriously.

One of the best parts of college football games happens to be the lovable, cheer-inducing mascots. Here we take a look at a few of the most popular college mascots.

Michigan State university college Mascot - Sparty

Michigan State Mascot Sparty(Image Source: Detroit Sports Nation)

When Michigan State changed the team name from “Aggies” to “Spartans” in 1925, mascot Sparty was born. He is usually depicted as a Spartan warrior adorned in a green Greek costume. Since his redesign in 1989, Sparty has received numerous distinctions including being dubbed the national champion mascot three times by the Universal Cheer Association.


University of Notre Dame college Mascot - The Leprechaun

Notre Dame Mascot Leprechaun(Image Source: Busting Buckets)

The Leprechaun is the beloved mascot of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Leprechaun was officially named Notre Dame’s mascot in 1965. During games Notre Dame’s mascot leads the student section known as, “The Leprechaun Legion”.




University of North Carolina College Mascot - Rameses

UNC mascot Rameses(Image Source: USA Today)

The North Carolina Tar Heels mascot, Rameses embodies a ram. There are two versions of UNC’s mascot, the costume and a live Dorset Horn sheep whose horns are painted blue for games.


Texas A&M University 

College Mascot - Reveille

Texas A&M Mascot Reveille(Image Source: USA Today)

The Aggie’s mascot is a dog named Reveille who was first adopted in 1931. It wasn’t until the third Reveille that the mascot’s usual breed became the Rough Collie. When the adorable Reveilles cheer on the Aggies for the last time they are buried in a special cemetery on the north end of Kyle Field. They are laid facing the south end zone towards the scoreboard. The current reigning mascot of Texas A&M is Reveille IX.


University of Alabama

College Mascot - Big Al

University of Alabama mascot Big Al(Image Source: Yahoo)

Nestled in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the mascot for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, an lovable costumed elephant named Big Al. Big Al made his debut at the 1980 Sugar Bowl when the Crimson Tide versed the Arkansas Razorbacks.


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