How To Make Strong Moka Pot Coffee

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Looking to make strong coffee with a Moka pot? Use our recipe to make a delicious cup of coffee here.


What You’ll Need:

Moka Pot

Hot Water

20 grams of Strong Coffee Grounds



How To Make It:

1. Fill your Moka pot with nearly boiling water.

2. Place strong coffee grounds into the filter basket of your Moka pot. Shake until settled. 

3. Place grounds into the bottom part of your Moka pot. 

4. Put your Moka Pot back together. 

5. Heat your stove top to medium heat. Place your Moka pot on the stove until it reaches a light boil. 

6. Remove from heat when you hear a hissing noise, like a tea kettle. 

7. Enjoy!



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Posted by Emily Kelley on December 6, 2018


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